About us

Who We Are

We’re like you. We want to do our part to help achieve a future in the skincare world and beyond that’s more ethical, balanced, sustainable. But we noticed something. Brands on the market didn't seem to fit with our minimal, forward-thinking, and natural vibe. We wanted beautiful and effective skincare from brands that had a greater meaning and greater mission surrounding them. We wanted companies to wake up to the reality of today’s environmental crisis and make a positive and lasting change that put purpose before profit. No greenwashing. No fluff. Just skincare that's sustainable and easy while still being beautiful. Are we perfect? Heck no. But we're confident in that we always do our best to do right by the planet and by our customers.

Our Mission

An Eco-conscious Clean

Less Impact / More Ethics

We minimize our impact on the environment by sourcing packaging that is as sustainable as possible and choosing business practices that are sustainability-first. Our formulas are created with both effectiveness and ethics in mind. We are committed to giving 1% of our profits back to eco organizations, because our planet belongs to everyone. Learn more about Toskaia's approach to sustainability.